About AWS Cloud Training

Cal Poly is an AWS Academy Institution with authorized Academy instructors. The university is an established as an AWS Authorized Training Partner. As a teaching institution, it draws on its recognition as the Best of the West and its practical, Learn by Doing teaching methodology to deliver practical and actionable training for individuals and organizations.

Expert Instructional Team

Cal Poly’s instructional team includes authorized AWS Academy instructors and industry experts. Our instructors effectively conduct training with our Learn by Doing methodology, delivering practical and extensive information about a variety of cloud and tech topics.

AWS authorized instructor poiting to code while speaking with a student

Experienced Partners

Cal Poly Extended Education’s unique partnership between the California Cybersecurity Institute, UpSkill California, and the Employment Training Panel allows employers to effectively upskill their workforce and employees to gain sought after knowledge.

Cal Poly Cybersecurity Institute

Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute

The Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute (CCI) serves as a public, private, and academic partnership to enhance the State of California’s cybersecurity response capability. Through research, education and workforce development, the CCI teaches future and current Californians how to protect the state, decreasing the current 67,195 unfilled cybersecurity positions in California.

Employment Training Panel

Employment Training Panel

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) has proven itself as the state’s premier program supporting job creation and retention, through training. ETP fulfills its mission by reimbursing the cost of employer driven training for incumbent workers and funding the type of training needed by unemployed workers to re-enter the workforce.

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UpSkill California

UpSkill California

UpSkill California promotes the development of customized training contracts between 29 Community Colleges and the Employment Training Panel. Upskill California is a proven community college network delivering statewide employer driven workforce training programs. UpSkill delivers high-quality employee training and consulting for lower costs. Employees at any stage of their 30 to 40-year career access these programs leading to career advancement and higher wages. UpSkill California has supported 3000 employers, over 75,000 employees, and has logged over 745,000 training hours.